Introduction -- how to generate Excel files
Formatting Tutorial -- how to format cells in a spreadsheet
Workbook::close -- Calls finalization methods for the workbook
Workbook::&addWorksheet -- Add a new worksheet to the Excel workbook.
Workbook::&addFormat -- Add a new format to the Excel workbook.
Workbook::&setTempDir -- Sets the temp dir used for storing the OLE file.
Workbook::setCustomColor -- Change the RGB components of the elements in the colour palette.
Worksheet::getName -- Retrieve the worksheet name. This is usefull when creating worksheets
Worksheet::select -- Set this worksheet as a selected worksheet, i.e. the worksheet has its tab
Worksheet::activate -- Set this worksheet as the active worksheet, i.e. the worksheet that is
Worksheet::setFirstSheet -- Set this worksheet as the first visible sheet. This is necessary
Worksheet::protect -- Set the worksheet protection flag
Worksheet::setColumn -- Set the width of a single column or a range of columns.
Worksheet::setSelection -- Set which cell or cells are selected in a worksheet
Worksheet::freezePanes -- Set panes and mark them as frozen.
Worksheet::thawPanes -- Set panes and mark them as unfrozen.
Worksheet::setPortrait -- Set the page orientation as portrait.
Worksheet::setLandscape -- Set the page orientation as landscape.
Worksheet::setPaper -- Set the paper type. Ex. 1 = US Letter, 9 = A4
Worksheet::setHeader -- Set the page header caption and optional margin.
Worksheet::setFooter -- Set the page footer caption and optional margin.
Worksheet::centerHorizontally -- Center the page horizontally.
Worksheet::centerVertically -- Center the page vertically.
Worksheet::setMargins -- Set all the page margins to the same value in inches.
Worksheet::setMargins_LR -- Set the left and right margins to the same value in inches.
Worksheet::setMargins_TB -- Set the top and bottom margins to the same value in inches.
Worksheet::setMarginLeft -- Set the left margin in inches.
Worksheet::setMarginRight -- Set the right margin in inches.
Worksheet::setMarginTop -- Set the top margin in inches.
Worksheet::setMarginBottom -- Set the bottom margin in inches.
Worksheet::repeatRows -- Set the rows to repeat at the top of each printed page.
Worksheet::repeatColumns -- Set the columns to repeat at the left hand side of each printed page.
Worksheet::printArea -- Set the area of each worksheet that will be printed.
Worksheet::hideGridlines -- Set the option to hide gridlines on the printed page.
Worksheet::printRowColHeaders -- Set the option to print the row and column headers on the printed page.
Worksheet::fitToPages -- Store the vertical and horizontal number of pages that will define the
Worksheet::setHPagebreaks -- Store the horizontal page breaks on a worksheet (for printing).
Worksheet::setVPagebreaks -- Store the vertical page breaks on a worksheet (for printing).
Worksheet::setZoom -- Set the worksheet zoom factor.
Worksheet::setPrintScale -- Set the scale factor for the printed page.
Worksheet::write -- Map to the appropriate write method acording to the token recieved.
Worksheet::writeNumber -- Write a double to the specified row and column (zero indexed).
Worksheet::writeString -- Write a string to the specified row and column (zero indexed).
Worksheet::writeNote -- Writes a note associated with the cell given by the row and column.
Worksheet::writeBlank -- Write a blank cell to the specified row and column (zero indexed).
Worksheet::writeFormula -- Write a formula to the specified row and column (zero indexed).
Worksheet::writeUrl -- Write a hyperlink. This is comprised of two elements: the visible label and
Worksheet::setRow -- This method is used to set the height and XF format for a row.
Worksheet::mergeCells -- This is an Excel97/2000 method. It is required to perform more complicated
Worksheet::insertBitmap -- Insert a 24bit bitmap image in a worksheet. The main record required is
Worksheet::setOutline -- This method sets the properties for outlining and grouping
Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer::Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer -- The constructor. It just creates a Workbook
Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer::send -- Send HTTP headers for the Excel file.
Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer::rowcolToCell -- Utility function for writing formulas.
Format::setAlign -- Set cell alignment.
Format::setMerge -- This is an alias for the unintuitive setAlign('merge')
Format::setBold -- Sets the boldness of the text.
Format::setBottom -- Sets the width for the bottom border of the cell
Format::setTop -- Sets the width for the top border of the cell
Format::setLeft -- Sets the width for the left border of the cell
Format::setRight -- Sets the width for the right border of the cell
Format::setBorder -- Set cells borders to the same style
Format::setBorderColor -- Sets all the cell's borders to the same color
Format::setBottomColor -- Sets the cell's bottom border color
Format::setTopColor -- Sets the cell's top border color
Format::setLeftColor -- Sets the cell's left border color
Format::setRightColor -- Sets the cell's right border color
Format::setFgColor -- Sets the cell's foreground color
Format::setBgColor -- Sets the cell's background color
Format::setColor -- Sets the cell's color
Format::setPattern -- Sets the fill pattern attribute of a cell
Format::setUnderline -- Sets the underline of the text
Format::setItalic -- Sets the font style as italic
Format::setSize -- Sets the font size
Format::setTextWrap -- Sets text wrapping
Format::setTextRotation -- Sets the orientation of the text
Format::setNumFormat -- Sets the numeric format.
Format::setStrikeOut -- Sets font as strikeout.
Format::setOutLine -- Sets outlining for a font.
Format::setShadow -- Sets font as shadow.
Format::setScript -- Sets the script type of the text
Format::setFontFamily -- Sets the font family.

Package for generating Excel spreadsheets