Using the PHPDoc tool

Using the PHPDoc tool --  Calling the PHPDoc commandline program


phpdoc [ -h ] [ -? ] [ -f ] [ -h ] [ -s directory ] [ -d directory ] [ -t directory ] [ -e template ]


Set up the program

The PHPDoc program phpdoc resides in <pearpath>/phpdoc/. It is automatically setup when you install the package with "pear install PHPDoc".

Unix specific settings

Check the first line to ensure it points to your php binary (installed as CGI, not as webserver module!). This should be set automatically by the installer.
#!/usr/local/bin/php -Cq

Windows specific settings

For running the PHPDoc program on Windows, the PHPDoc directory contains a batch file phpdoc.bat. Edit the following lines to match the path of your PHP executable (not webserver module!).
REM -------------------
set PHP_PATH=c:\php
REM -------------------