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    All payments in Russia are made in rubles. However, in many shops you may find the prices indicated in the foreign currency or so-called conditional units (?.?.), which are usually equal to US dollars or German marks. The rate of ruble changes all the time (decreases mainly), that is why conditional units are used. One US dollar equals to 29,40 rubles, approximately. In shops the exchange rate may be a bit higher than the official.
    You can change your money for rubles in commercial banks, numerous exchange offices, in hotels, just try to find a board with the inscription "Currency Exchange" on it. If the currency exchange office is a small one, it will only accept your US dollars or German marks. The currency exchange office is the right place where you can also reconvert roubles. Also, you may be approached by "fartsovchiki" (gamblers), who may offer their services for currency exchange. We advise that you should better stay away from these people, who may easily cheat you.

    There are some hotels and restaurants, where you may pay foreign currency (in cash), but in this case the US dollars and German marks are mainly preferable.

    Most hotels, shops and restaurants, especially those, located in the city center accept all main types of credit cards. Sometimes you may be asked to show your passport or any other document to identify the credit card. The travel cheque, as a unit for payment, haven't yet become popular in Moscow, but you may always exchange your cheques and get some cash in the exchange offices of your hotels or banks.

    These days the Russians use 5-, 10-, 50-, 100- and 500- ruble notes. New coins are also issued: 1 kopeika, 5 kopeeks, 10 kopeeks, 50 kopeeks, 1 ruble, 2 rubles and 5 rubles. It is useful to have some coins in a pocket.

    For current USR/RUB see:
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