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    Before passing through customs you have to fill in the customs declaration and indicate the available amount of foreign currency in cash and traveling cheques. It is also advisable to mention the valuables you carry, it especially concerns the jewelry made in Russia or other CIS countries and expensive electronics (including PC notebooks, video cameras, etc.). The customs declaration should better be kept up to the end of your stay in Russia, it may be required for the departure formalities.

    No customs duty is required for your personal belongings and other goods for a total price of two thousand US dollars (the goods for the price of up to 200 US dollars are duty-free, if sent by international mail). However, the amount of some items brought into Russia is limited by the local customs regulations. These are, for example, alcoholic beverages, etc. The customs requirements subject to frequent changes, but any Russian Consulate, when issuing your entry visa, should always provide you with the information about the latest changes, if any.

    A foreigner may also bring one car, duty-free, for the period of staying in Russia, which, somehow, should not exceed one year. The car cannot be sold or transferred to any other person.

    Import of goods for sale is fully regulated by appropriate laws and regulations. The most precise information on this matter may be presented by the companies dealing with customs clearance in the territory of Russia.

    It is prohibited to import into Russia narcotics, toxic and radioactive items, explosives, explosive devices, weaponry.

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