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    DRUGS AND ALCOHOL - be cautious when in restaurants, train stations and airports. Avoid unwanted drugging and theft by not leaving food, drink or belongings unattended. There is zero tolerance for alcohol when driving. Arrange a driver or a taxi if you intend drinking.

    DOG BITES - wash the bite immediately and thoroughly with soap and water. Seek medical attention early to help minimise the risk of tetanus and rabies, both of which can require a course of shots.

    STDs - (Sexually transmitted diseases) are common in Moscow. Condoms provide some protection against transmission of common diseases. Again, SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION EARLY, as most STDs are curable.

    TUBERCULOSIS (TB) is becoming more prevalent in Russia. TB is more common in those whose general health is poor (e.g. have underlying medical problems), are malnourished, or who live in crowded accommodation. The risks for travellers staying in hotels or their own apartments is low. Vaccination is available and can be considered. It might be recommended for long term residents or students staying in boarding houses.

    Do not be alarmed by the apparently large list above. Most of these hazards are applicable to any large city. A healthy diet and lifestyle helps build your immune system and reduces the risk of contracting disease. In Moscow, assistance is available should you require any further advice or need urgent treatment. In the event of an emergency, medevacs can also be arranged.

Western-Standard Medical Services in Moscow

    International SOS (More information...)
Western-owned and managed outpatient clinic. Large team of foreign and national doctors, with full diagnostic possibilities. Languages include English, Russian, French, German, Spanish and Japanese. Direct billing to major insurance companies.

    European Medical Center (More information...)
Western managed private medical center. Full out-patient services by French doctors, and dental services available from French dentists. Direct billing to major insurance companies. Languages French, English, Russian, German, possibly others?

    American Medical Center (More information...)
Eastern-European-based company with new purpose-built clinic in Moscow. Large team of US-trained doctors and nurses. Dental services provided by US-trained dentists. Languages English, Russian, possibly others?

    Russian-American Family Medical Center (More information...)
Partnership between Russian hospital and University of Iowa Medical Department. Full-range of services offered, both in-patient and outpatient, with visiting US doctors.

Medical Evacuation Services in Moscow

    International SOS
(More information...)

    Global Voyager Assistance
(More information...)

    Europ Assistance
(More information...)

    European Medical Center
(More information...)

    American Medical Center
(More information...)

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