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 Supermarket Ramstore - Kuntsevo Supermarket Ramstore - Marina Rosha Supermarket Ramstore - Chertanovo
Ramstore it is a very rich network of supermarkets where you will find everything you want. It sells food (usually on the first floor), clothes, shoes, accessories, sport goods, plants, toys, jewellery.

About Ramstore: (More information...)

Store locations:

Address : Yartsevskaya str., 19.
Phone : 937-04-44
Open : 7:00 - 23:00

    Metro station "Molodyozhnaya" (Fliyovskaya line). From "Molodyozhnaya" station 5 minutues by foot or 1 stop by bus 73, 127, 135, 732, 737, 794. From "Rabochij poselok" railway station by bus 127, 757 or by fixed-route taxi. (More information...)

    From metro station "VDNKh ": 1) by free express bus: from 10 am to 9:40 pm (lunch break from 12 am to 1 pm and from 7 pm to 8 pm). 2) by trolley-bus 13, 69 from "VDNKh-South" bus station to "Poliklinika" station. From metro station "Rizhskaya" by bus 19 to "Poliklinika" station or to "Havana cinema" and further by buses 19,24, trolley-buses 13, 69 to "Poliklinika" station. From metro station "Timiryazevskaya" by bus 12, 24 to "Poliklinika station". From metro station "Tcvetnoj bulvar" by trolley-bus 13 or bus 24 to "Poliklinika" station. From metro station "Novoslobodskaya" by trolley-bus 69 to "Poliklinika" station. From metro station "Vladykino" by bus 24 to "Poliklinika" station. From metro stations "ul. 1905 g." and "Belorusskaya" by bus 12 to "Poliklinika" station. (More information...)

Address : Krasnogo Mayaka str., 9.
Phone : 314-04-31
Open : 24 hours

    Metro station "Prazhskaya" (Serpukhovskaya line). From "Prazhskaya" station by buses 225, 680, 296, 674, 682, 797. (More information...)

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