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 Airports and Airport Call Service Offices of Main Foreign Airlines in Moscow
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    Take a train from Moscow to the Far East of Russia and enjoy a one-week journey looking day and night at what you may find outside, through the window of your compartment. However, you may prefer moving higher and faster up in the skies and in this case just board a plane from Moscow to somewhere you like. There is a number of opportunities provided by Moscow's airports located in the city suburbs. Bykovo, Vnukovo, Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo-I are the airports for domestic flights all over Russia and to the CIS countries. There are special areas in these airports (VIP and "Intourist" halls), where foreign passengers may comfortably spend time before the flight. Sheremetyevo-II is the international airport. It is located to the North-West from Moscow and this is where you get your first impressions about Russia. Sometimes, these first impressions become negative, because they can make you wait for quite a long time at the airport Check area but please, be patient, we are better than you might think and we also hate all these bureaucratic rules as much as you do.

    Every airport has a direct express-coach linkage with the Moscow's Central Air Terminal (37a, Leningradsky Prospect Avenue, between "Dinamo" and "Aeroport" Metro stations, tel.: 155-0922). This is the best and the cheapest way of getting to the airport, when leaving Moscow.

    You may also reach the Central Air terminal going from the airport. Besides, you may take a taxi. It is advisable to call taxi by means of special taxi service available in every airport. The representations of rent-a-car companies (Hertz, Avis etc.) are at your convenience in Sheremetyevo-2. You may easily reach the city center within 25 minutes, if there are no traffic jams on the road to capital.

    The air tickets, in the same way as the train tickets, may be ordered through the special call service, or be purchased at the Central Air terminal ("Aeroflot") in the ticket offices for foreign passengers, or in the offices of Travel Agencies, and in the representations of foreign air companies.

Bykovo: 30 miles to the South-West from Moscow, M5 Highway (Volgogradsky Prospect enters the M5 Highway). From here airplanes fly to the regions of Central and Southern Russia, the East of Ukraine.

Domodedovo: 48 km to the South from Moscow, flights to all regions of Russia, Highway M4-M6 (starts from Kashirskoye highway), Intourist Representative - (095) 323-8652.

Sheremetyevo I: 30 km to the North-West from Moscow. From here you may fly to St. Petersburg, Murmansk, the Baltic countries. Highway I10 (Leningradskoye highway flows into Highway M10), Intourist Representative - (095)578-3510.

Sheremetyevo II: International Airport, on the road to Sheremetyevo-1, located about 30 km from Moscow. Inquiries - (095) 578-9101, VIP lounge - (095) 578-2132, Transit - (095) 578-5743, Arrivals - (095) 578-7518, Departures - (095) 578-7816

Vnukovo: The airport is located 30 km to the South-West from Moscow. Flights to all regions of Russia, Highway M3 (starts at the end of Leninsky Avenue), Intourist Representative - (095)436-2414.

You may get additional information for all internal flights: (095)155-0922/5003/5977/5009/8019.
Information for international flights: (095)155-5045.

You may also appeal for the information at reception of your hotel in Moscow.
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Air France tel.: 237-2325, 578-2757
Alitalia tel.: 923-9840, 578-2767
Austrian Airlines tel.: 253-8268, 578-2734
British Airways tel.: 253-2492, 578-2923
Continental Airlines tel.: 925-1291
Delta tel.: 253-2658, 578-2938
Finnair tel.: 292-8788
Iberia tel.: 923-0488, 578-2791
Japan Airlines tel.: 921-6448, 578-2942
KLM tel.: 253-2150, 578-2963
Lufthansa tel.: 975-2501, 578-2752
SAS tel.: 925-4747, 578-2727
Swissair tel.: 253-8988, 578-3378
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