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How to behave in public places
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    Russia is the Christian Orthodox country that is why we advise that you'd better follow some of our recommendations when going to churches and cathedrals included into your tourist routes. Usually, when in church, men take off their hats, while women have to cover their heads. What is also important, women should not wear trousers when going to Orthodox church. Many people in Moscow speak, or understand English. Don't get shy, appeal to a passersby, when looking for a street you need, a restaurant or a hotel. It would be better, of course, to ask your guide, a porter or a Russian friend of yours, if any, to put down the Russian name of a place you want to go to on a sheet of paper. You may easily show it to a taxi-driver, for your own convenience.

    When going to museums, theaters and some other public places you will have to take off your coats, rain coats, etc. You may leave your upper clothes at the cloak-room getting a special counter instead, but don't forget to give the same counter back, when getting your clothes.

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