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Committee for Tourism of the Moscow City Government was founded on October 1st, 1998, in accordance with the Order of the Moscow Mayor. The Committee was established as an independent structure, governing the tourism area only, in accordance with the recommendations of the World Tourism Organisation. Gregory Antioufeev has been appointed Chairman of the Committee.
The Committee employs 20 persons.

The Committee is mainly aimed at:
  1. Forming a positive image of Moscow abroad. And attracting more guests to Moscow.
  2. Developing city's tourism infrastructure.
One of the main goals of the Committee is to increase the income of the city budget from tourism.
In brief the Committee's position can be defined as follows: "Tourism should be beneficial for the Muscovites, the City and through Moscow for the whole of Russia".
Gregory Antioufeev believes that Moscow should become a world tourism centre without which world tourism would be impossible to imagine.

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